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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Open To The Public?2020-10-02T03:43:54+00:00

Absolutely! Get in here!

What Do I Need To Bring For My Appointment?2020-10-02T03:44:20+00:00

The big 5! Plans, budget and/or allowances, project timeframe, your calendar to schedule future appointments and any inspiration you have found prior to your appointment (magazines, websites, etc.).

Can I Bring My Small Children With Me On My Appointment?2020-10-02T03:44:42+00:00

While we all love kids, we have very limited space and lots of enticing items for little ones to touch. We suggest planning a sitter or child care prior to your visit.

Do You Offer Installation?2020-10-02T03:44:57+00:00

We are a wholesaler, providing product and knowledge. While we don’t offer installation, we are always glad to recommend a quality, local installer.

I Have Worked With Another Weinstein Branch In The Past – Are You All The Same?2020-10-29T22:03:50+00:00

Kind of, but not really. Each branch of Hajoca is operated individually by local team members who understand the needs of the market in which they do business. While we do act as friendly brothers and sisters, we don’t have centralized distribution, nor are we able to pull job information from each other. We would love to have you as our client in Collingswood, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to make that happen.

What Do You Have In Stock?2020-10-26T21:55:46+00:00

Although we are a small, designer boutique, we have a big secret; a 10,000 square foot warehouse. You can also shop our inventory by visiting shop.weinsteincollingswood.com

I’m A Contractor – How Do You Work With My Customer?2020-10-02T03:45:43+00:00

However you want us to! Contact us to establish our working relationship.

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